How To Approach Your Finasteride Dosage

Men who suffer from hair loss are thrown plenty of messages and advertisements that are promoted as simple and effective cures.

While there are no guarantees in this industry as a mixture of hereditary genes and medical diagnoses impacts each man differently, the use of finasteride has garnered results for participants.

Administered over the counter by a pharmacist following a prescription, these pills have been manufactured to help combat the onset of hair loss.

Before rushing into the exercise, it is important to understand the chemical in more detail and what is considered best practice for men seeking a solution.


Understanding The Benefits of The Medicine

Before engaging in the use of finasteride, it is important to understand the use and benefits of the medicine first. This is a medicine that has been specifically designed to combat the onset of baldness for men 18 years and above, offering a solution that is not considered a cure but a remedy. The official medical term for this condition is known as androgenetic alopecia. This is caused by a combination of a hereditary gene as well as a male hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. The use of this medicine works to lower the level of DHT in the scalp, reversing the natural process that leads directly to baldness for men.


Consulting Your Doctor

Patients are not able to acquire their dosage of finasteride without acquiring a prescription first. These private consultations will allow the professional to determine the rate of hair loss, when it occurred, what medical conditions could be attributed to the issue and how their profile will likely respond to the dosage. This is key information that should be communicated before acquiring the items.


Establishing a Timetable

As prescribed on the finasteride packaging, this is a medicine that requires one pill per day. However, this is not a solution that works like painkillers or other prescriptions where the impact can be immediate. It can take up to 12 weeks before tangible results are experienced on the scalp, illustrating how a degree of patience and persistence is necessary for the patient. Attempting to expedite this process and up the dosage will carry no benefit and only lead to the possibility of an overdose. The best approach when having issues with the timing of the treatment is to engage the previous step and talk directly with a trusted medical specialists on the topic.


Understanding Possibility of Side Effects

While participant will be able to take their finasteride dosage and live their life as normal by driving, working and partaking in social activities, there can be some side effects experienced by individuals. From a decrease in sex drive to itchiness, pain, erectile dysfunction and a drop in semen count, these instances have been documented in a number of cases but are far from considered as common. Should any of these side effects be experienced, it is important to once again consult the doctor before deciding on the next phase.


Monitor Condition & Update Doctor

The best approach that a patient can take when they take their dosage of finasteride is to monitor their own condition and update the doctor on key developments when scheduled. Keeping a documented log with photographs on a day-to-day basis is recommended for those that want to track their progress and see where the gains are made. This will help all parties to better understand how the medicine has progressed and how it has applied to the consumer. It will also help to inform the next steps and make key decisions on combating the hair loss challenge.