What Does It Take To Continue Using The Company’s Health Plan?

First, to continue to enjoy the health plan, the employee must have contributed to the project during the entire period that he worked in the company.

If the company was 100% responsible for paying the monthly fees, then the right of continuity is not guaranteed.

The dismissed person must pay 100% of the health insurance monthly payments after leaving the company, that is, despite remaining in the plan, which was previously paid by the company, will automatically be paid in full by the former employee. The benefit is only valid as long as the official is unemployed.

Continuing with the Plan is still advantageous.

Since there are no adjustments in the monthly fee of the plan, it is advantageous for the former employee to keep on the health plan of the company, after all the monthly payments are cheaper than an individual project and the benefits offered by the health plan are the same.

If you have been fired, be calm, even though it is a difficult time, try not to despair. Think about your health, safety, and comfort in the first place. After all, unforeseen can happen to anyone and paying for a private consultation is not cheap at all.